What Is babymumbox?

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babymumbox pampers expecting and young mothers throughout their pregnancy to the baby’s first two years.


babymumbox is a surprise box for expecting women, new mothers and their babies. We select for you an assortment of 6-9 highly valued brands and products which are always tailored to your stage and your baby’s gender and age. Every bmbox is customized and you can choose among our 4 different plans:

You can either select an Express Box, a Convenience Box or a 3, 6 months Subscription Plan. You can purchase your subscription either for you or gift a plan to that special someone expecting or who just became a mother. The total value of the box is always much higher to that of the subscription price...& remember, It´s always full of surprises!



babymumbox provides mothers with information on nutrition, health, education, and tips about leisure activities you can share with your baby and the do’s & don’ts you should be aware of. 


 Registering with babymumbox is only advantages! From your pregnancy to your toddler’s two years of age babymumbox will pamper you all the way through! Our Team of mothers and doctors will inform you regularly about different topics you need to know to look after yourself and your little one.  Babymumbox research team makes sure you get what you need to become that great mother you want to be. You can leave your reviews and send us new tips because for us you are the expert!



We only select brands and products that stand out for their great quality and usefulness.

 Come, join us and experience the best products you can find and all tailored to your specific stage and your little one age. Find the best selection for mums and babies at the best price. babymumbox research team will choose for you only the best, because here at babymumbox we pamper you all the way! 

Choose among The EXPRESS BOX shipped within 24hs, Coming Up Soon in July 2017) for only 2500,  a CONVENIENCE BOX, shipped the last week of every month: 2000 or between a 3 or 6 months subscription plan and get your babymumbox with carefully selected brands and products delivered to your doorstep with huge discounts. Delivery is FREE, we pay it for you! 



 Every month we choose new products for you and your baby according to the stage in which you find yourselves. In the selection of products that makes your basket you can find clothes, cosmetics, toys, food, books, childcare articles ... Its value always exceeds that of the subscription price!

Babymumbox is a box with a selection of various products. They include:

Textiles products: rompers, swaddles, booties, hats, a scarf for the mother, a fabric lunch bag made with the best organic cotton, socks etcetc

Food and supplements: natural, organic and ayurvedic base nutritional supplement for mothers and babies (calcium, relaxing teas.etcetc)

Accessories: baby bottles, bibs, nail cutters, teethers, spoonsetc.

Cosmetic: creams, lotions, moisturizers, pediatric creams, oils, ayurvedic, natural and health conscious cosmetics, pre-delivery private massage oils, anti-rash creams, anti-stretch marks cream, wax base lipsticks.

Toys and books: wooden and stuffed quality toys. Non-toxic materials.

Our website will send you a bmb-Express (one-time box sent within 24hrs) , 3 months, 6 months subscription. The subscriber can either be the final customer or a friend offering a gift.